Escape Rooms

Hell House


Hell House is suitable for all ages, however it does contain one or two videos that contain jump scares.
(Those with a nervous disposition can choose not to play the videos if desired.)

This Escape room can also be personalised to make your special night even more unique.

Personalisation can include Names, Places of Interest, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions, and you can even add a photo or 2 of your participants!

Please contact us by clicking here if you would like to make an enquiry or to book a Personalised Room.


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Driving down a dark country lane, the rain batters against your windscreen.  Suddenly, a flash of lightning hits a giant Oak tree, which then topples, narrowly missing the bonnet of your car.  You slam on your brakes.  The road is now blocked. Looking in your mirror, you see a river has burst its bank.

You are trapped…….

From nowhere, a light turns on in a house next to the road.
“Was that there a second ago?” you think to yourself….

You have no choice but to head over to the house.
You reach the front door and and ring the doorbell……

An old man opens the door and you tell him of your plight.  He invites you to stay the night and wait out the storm.  You are shown to your room.  When you turn to thank him, he has vanished. You start to have a strange feeling about your host, but you decide to make your way into the room anyway……..