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HMS Abyss


HMS ABYSS is suitable for all ages and is a room for those who like a challenge…..

This Escape room can also be personalised to make your special night even more unique.

Personalisation can include Names, Places of Interest, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions, and you can even add a photo or 2 of your participants!

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Week 8 aboard the cruise ship HMS Abyss…..

This was due to be a 2 week special celebration cruise for you.
THEN…….The virus hit, and you have been trapped on the ship ever since.
A ship that is turning more and more into a prison every day. The weather is extremely HOT. You know that you are docked in a port, but where you just don’t know.
This morning, the captain gathered all passengers to the restaurant. Whilst you are sat at your table, you notice that the ships security officers are watching the passengers like hawks. You make eye contact with one, and notice that he has a crazy look in his eyes. On further inspection, you notice they all have TRIDENTS smeared on their uniform, in what looks like oil.
After sitting in silence for almost 3 hours, you are escorted back to your cabin. The officer slams and locks the door behind you. Something is not right with your cabin, and you cannot put your finger on what it is. However, on your bed is a tape player with a hand written note with the following message:

10 minutes pass, and the ships horn sounds.
You hit play………